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Sweet Box Design

Sweet Box Design Tutorial with CDR File

Welcome to Graphics Inn. In this short video you will learn how to design a sweet box design in CorelDraw X7. You can watch tutorial and make your own design. I will share source file in different formats like; CDR, CMX, EPS, PDF and JPEG. Its very interesting video about graphics designing and learning how to make a creative box design.

Tools are used:

  • Rectangle
  • Interactive Fill Tool
  • Drop Shadow Tool
  • Transparency Tool
  • Text Tool
  • Fill color Tool
Sweet Box Design in CorelDraw

Here everything is very clear such as layout, fonts, colors pattern, images and tools. You can change everything as you want. If you want to change the layout, color, font or images then download the source file and edit it as need. If you don’t have Corel Draw then use EPS file in Photoshop or Illustrator. CDR files are just edit in CorelDraw latest version like X7. If you don’t have CorelDraw latest version then you can easily use CMX file in lowest version of CorelDraw like CorelDraw 9.


  • Easy to Edit
  • Images Include
  • Source files in different formats
  • Adjustable Size
  • Easy to change

Please give us your feedback about this design in comments sections.

If you face any problem then contact us.

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