How to Make a Creative Resume / CV

How to Build Creative Resume / CV Design in Corel Draw X7 …. Play this Video till end and Subscribe the channel. Download PDF, CDR, CMX, EPS File.

What is a resume/CV? A resume is a one-page document that outlines your work/experience, skills, and educational background required by most job applications.

Why do I need a resume/CV? Think of a resume as an opportunity. A resume is your chance to show off all of your great experience and skills to a potential employer. It’s also your chance to make a catalogue of all of your skills in one compact place.

What job does my resume/cv need to accomplish? Your resume should be persuasive. You’re trying to include the best information possible to get the specific job you’re applying for. Your resume should also be concise. It should be no longer than one page and should not use wordy language or fluff. Be detailed, but brief!

How should my resume/cv be formatted? The Golden Rule of resume design is making it easy to read. Avoid clutter and make things easy to find. Start with what’s most important and work down from there. Try to stick to one font throughout and two at the very most to keep things consistent. Your name and contact info should always appear at the top of the page.

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